Stretch Mark Removal Tips

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Stretch marks occur mostly during pregnancy, but can be caused by weight gain, after weight loss and/or by physical activities. Most people would confess that they are willing to do anything to get rid of stretch marks. Both women and men are prone to stretch marks during certain periods in life.

Stretch marks occur on the dermis, which is the upper layer of the skin. When it is highly stretched, the stretch marks will appear. This has forced many people to look out for various treatments in order to get rid of them. However, not all the stretch marks remedies are 100% effective. The skin tone, age, diet and amount of sun damage are the determinants of the degree of success when it comes to the remedies.

Cover Up Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually found around the breasts, on legs, and hips. Fortunately, there is a way you can conceal them to feel comfortable in wearing clothes that are slightly revealing. There are products on the market designed to either temporarily cover up or reduce their appearance.

  • Moisturize skin regularly if you have red stretch marks, they are "fresh", older (white marks) may not go away only with the application of moisturizing creams.

  • Minimize Stretch Marks appearance with make up. Wash the area with the stretch marks and use a mixture of moisturizing lotion (preferably one that contains shea butter) and bronzing liquid.

  • Tone your leg muscles by walking, running, doing yoga and squats.

  • Cover the stretch marks with a tattoo

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Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch mark removal surgery is the most effective method in dealing with stretch marks. It gets rid of stretch marks permanently and no need for future treatments as opposed to laser treatment, which requires three to five treatments. The cost of stretch mark removal surgery varies depending on the severity of the scars and technique used.

Stretch Marks Laser Removal

Laser treatment has been found to be very effective and its demand has increased across the globe. Unlike the surgical methods, laser treatment ensures that the patient gets a smoother and better-looking skin with no surgeries involved. Stretch Marks Laser Treatment is used in treating stretch marks, which are as a result of weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy and body changes due to puberty.

Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion is a technique used in treating stretch marks. It involves making use of tiny crystals in getting rid of the top layers of the skin. For better results, it is used hand in hand with the other stretch mark removal techniques.

Endermologie for Stretch Marks

An endermologie machine is used in massaging the affected area while the rollers are used in containing the stretch marks. For better results, the procedure requires more than one treatment session. Endermologie has been reported to increase blood circulation in the body and helps in removing harmful toxins from the body.


However, before one decides on trying out this methods, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. In the process, one will be informed on the risks and benefits that come along with the procedure. In conclusion, not all the stretch mark remedies may work successfully to all patients, thus one may be advised on this.